is our life an illusion? what is an illusion? what is reality?

What is illusion? What is reality? An illusion is not something that is not real. Illusion is real too. When we say the world is an illusion, the deeper meaning is the world is what you perceive it to be. 

We humans can get compartmentalized into one way of thinking or believing and find we get trapped in this one way of thinking and believing. Someone can further become focused on the external world, so much so, that this external world becomes all someone can relate to, believe in, and think this is reality, the external world.

The external world exists in the manifestation of what we humans collectively believe, think and feel. We are projecting our energy field, from the inside, to the outside -- This is why many call the outer world an illusion.

Have you ever had an experience with some other humans, and... as you describe the experience, you each describe the experience differently? -- I will assume you can relate to this question -- Each human perceived the experience in their perception, based on the collective of that humans life experiences and how they have learned to think, feel and believe.

Humans who can obtain an authentic love vibration will have the most influence on the collective grid. Learn more about the personal and collective grid HERE. Love is our strongest vibration that gives us humans depth in perception and an expansive wide spectrum of perception too. Fear, on the other hand, narrows our ability for depth and narrows our width of spectrum for which we can achieve.

There are some sentient beings, which have deceived humanity into manifesting a fear based vibration personally, and then have created a fear based illusion, which we experience as our outer world. The education and understanding, of what humanity is and how we work, was removed thousands of years ago and kept secret for only a select few, who give over their sovereignty to a power, which desires to dominate humanity in control. The only way to control humanity is to trap humanity into fear and convince humanity that the outer world is all that is real and that the experience of life is full of suffering.

As generations have passed, and slowly over time, humanity lost touch with the teachings of our inner wisdom. Humanities history was written by those who want to control humanity and the outer “reality” humanity creates.

How we remember these inner teachings?…… We go inward. We let go of all of our beliefs. We surrender to our loving Self. We invoke our Higher Self. We connect with each detail of our beliefs and question where they come from. Where did the source of these beliefs obtain their knowledge from? Could there be an incentive to mislead others for a personal gain?

We also connect with our bodies (vessels or avatars). We designed these bodies before we decided to come to Earth. We designed these bodies to assist us during this experiment of Earth. Our bodies are eager and most willing to help us through this process. Breathe. Breathe. Breathe. When we bring our conscious awareness to our bodies, we will be able to feel the subtle changes and messages our body is holding for us. The more we do this, the easier it gets and the messages become less subtle and more obvious.

An example of breath through the body and connection, is breathing into our body and following the breath while it travels through our body. We can guide our breath to our bellies to start and then guide it more into tight areas of our body, for which we may find it is challenging at first to get to. We would want to guide the breath gently and soothingly into the hard to reach places and push, oh so slightly, further with each breath or each of 2/3/4/5 breaths, whatever works best for each person.

The world is a stage, the world is playing out the consciousness of humanity on/in this stage. The outer realities will change from fear to love based, when the inner realities of humans changes first. First we change our inner beings, then the outer world we perceive will change too.

As we go deeper inside of each of our individual realities, we will expand our spectrum of awareness and consciousness and have more depth into the details of existence, that we will be able to know, our individual experience is most pleasurable in the vibration of love. We see the world differently, we see illusion/reality for that which it is, everything and nothing at all, at the same time. We experience the moment of the now.

Much Love,