Galactic News Update 2.28.2019

Galactic News Update 2.28.2019

~ Solar energy is increasing greatly and impacting earth and all the sentient life forms on earth.
~~ What this means is you are experiencing emotional changes. If you're holding onto negative vibrational feelings, they are being stirred up for you to process through them and raise your vibration into love. <3

~ Numerous timelines are merging with you now, we recommended staying grounded, as you call it. Allow Gaia (earth) to assist you with the infinity amount of timelines merging through you.
~~ This means you want to remember the 5 steps at the end to guide you through this ascension.

~ Galactic beings are making themselves more known through soft disclosures by governments, cloaked flying ships all around the planet, visual ships, sky displays and more.

~ Space Force was announced to the world. This was disclosure of humanities large presence in the Universe already, that has been hidden from many on your planet. You will be learning more.

~ The negative Annunaki have successfully been removed from the Universe and planet Earth. Earth is no longer a hostage situation nor are the inhabitants of earth enslaved from influence that is not human.

~ Peace with North Korea has been solidified and many other nations on planet earth.

~ The rituals of sacrifice of light body humans to negative energies is mostly gone on planet earth. 
~~ Many have been arrested and are healing or being dealt with for trafficking sentient life forms (human trafficking) - this has been occurring at the highest of government levels on your planet.

~ Israel is being dealt with today.

~ War is ending across the whole planet.

~ Numerous corporate executives that were serving the annunaki have been removed.

~ Peace is upon us. Are you connecting with your love and peace?

~ Numerous changes are soon to be announced about your economies on your planet and a transition plan is to be shared to move humanity away from the enslavement of central banking.

~ The Kennedy's are alive and well and will be coming back into the public soon.

~ The Vatican has been neutralized and the disclosure has been coming for a while about the dark dealings of the Vatican.

~ That which is called royalty on your planet is coming to an end. No one is qualified to rule over humanity, humanity is a sovereign experiment and that is to be honored throughout the Universe. -- The Draconian agenda was a breaking of Galactic law and the healing here is occurring.

~ Many galactic beings have been assisting Gaia (your planet earth) to heal from the harm the annunaki and humanity has caused her. Gaia was happy to assist humanity through this process. Be grateful.

~ Remember the following. It is important for how you handle this process of ascension.

1.) Love thyself
2.) Compassion for thyself
3.) Love Others
4.) Compassion for Others
5.) Forgiveness of Self and Others (unless you have evolved to a higher understanding that nothing is wrong and forgiveness is not necessary as you hold no grudges or judgments).

Welcome home loved ones. We are eager and happy to be integrated with you again. We appreciate you for all you have done for the Universe. It is not in your comprehension yet to understand the importance of this experiment, though as you ascend and continue to expand and merge many timelines and versions of you, you will be able to comprehend more of the scale of importance of what you, humanity, has done for the Universe.

Love and Light

Channeled by Gage

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