could you imagine? a journey of flow of reality

Could you imagine ðŸ§

If you were able to build a video game and then move a portion of your consciousness into the video game?

Then you program the video game to challenge your emotions and thinking ðŸ¤”??


What if emotions and our thoughts, together create worlds organically from our emotion and thoughts combo?

What if we are learning that combo in a simulation?

What if we designed our own game?

What if a portion of our consciousness was put, by us, into our own game?

If this was/is true ðŸ¤” ðŸ’­

Could this then further mean everyone here is playing the part that you designed?

And each fraction of Source energy here is all your fraction playing out to your game. Your challenge.

How would I remember? ðŸ¤” ðŸ’­

If I connect to who I am? If I zoom out and think bigger picture? Then, maybe, I could see ðŸ¤”. A wider perspective!

I could then see the game aka matrix.

If I connect to the love vibration inside of me ðŸ§™â€â™‚️❤️

I can create my game the way I want to.

If we are the creator? There is nothing we can’t do ðŸ˜®

~ A journey of flow Gage