Healing from our Dark Creation - Channeled Feb 2018

Received By: Gage Gorman

Our experience here is a mass illusion for which we are testing ourselves to see if we can remember who we are. We are beings of love and light and we’re here to heal from our past incarnations of succumbing to the illusion and creating darkness. We have created this dark illusion for which we are also the victims of in the now.

Our way out of the illusion is through our inner journey of our light source, inside of us. Everything outside of us is drenched in riddles of just enough authenticity to keep us convinced the illusion is real. The illusion is currently fractured and is breaking down and the veil between who we are and what we see is thinning, are you awake enough to see it?  

There is more truth of our authentic selves in fiction than non-fiction. If you can imagine something, then it is more real than unreal. As our thoughts and feelings are creation. Want to have a more blissful experience in this illusion of ours, then awaken to your inner self. Take off the glasses of deception you’ve created because you are so ashamed of the darkness you’ve created, in this world. Take responsibility for your darkness you’ve created. Yes, you, as we are all one. We are all fractals of the same one source and creator. We are constantly creating our collective reality through our thoughts and feelings. We created a darkness so strong and thick that it echoes from incarnation to the next incarnation. Once we take responsibility, we can then have compassion for ourselves. Know that we knew we might create this darkness when we decided to forget who we are and give our fractal pieces free will. We played with darkness. We let us consume us.

Now it’s time to heal from our past lessons of dark. The time for darkness is over. After compassion for what you did, love yourself; because you chose to come here and have this experience. You knew you would most likely succumb to darkness, the echo of darkness and the illusions. Now it’s time to break free of your dark pattern of destruction and the justifications you've created around your dark pattern to help your stay in denial. Owning up to what you did is not easy and it takes real bravery.   You can forgive yourself. It’s okay. There is no right and wrong, you convinced yourself of right and wrong when you became ashamed of what you created. You were ashamed of the pain you caused your other fractal Selfs from the darkness you created.

Each time you’ve incarnated, here on earth, you’ve brought with you, your light of love and divinity. Go inside and find your light. Love your fractal self again, see your whole Self again. Have compassion for yourself again and forgive yourself and then find that there is no need to forgive yourself, as you are perfect. You are a fractal of Source energy. You are the creator. You are love. You are dark and you’ve been out of balance. It’s time to heal. It’s time to allow light in. It’s time to stop judging yourself, and anytime your judge another, you’re judging yourself.

The echo of what you’ve done is going to keep coming at you until you can authentically forgive each and every aspect of the echoes of darkness which are tossed at you, and when you have no judgement towards these echos. You’ll need to decide you’re ready to face up to what you’ve done and love and love and love yourself and those other selves who acted as your echo of darkness to help remind you and help you heal. I will be authentic and tell you, this is the hardest thing you’ve ever had to do and you knew it before you incarnated here in Earth. You are the best of the best and the brightest of the brightest in the universe. You knew full well what you created. You knew full well what you did. You knew you could heal. You knew you could see through the illusion, that you put in motion, and pierce through the veil of the illusion to see again your authentic self of love, light and creator. 

I've gone through many pieces of this journey myself and have guided some others through fractions of their journeys.   This is some of the most vulnerable work I've ever done and more than I even imagined was possible has come up.   I've seen and experienced this darkness, I've astral projected to other times, other spaces and places and other realities to see what I did, how it impacted my other selves and see and feel how we are all connected and part of the same Source.  When I was ready for the journey and ready to face my demons, my darkness, my creation and heal from it instead of running from it, I was guided.   Each time I've ended up on the other side feeling more liberated, more blissful and more love than I ever knew was possible prior.   

I've come to realize that I will never have it all figured out, at least while incarnated, though I enjoy so much knowing more of who I am, why I am here and why I chose to come here.  Knowing, and I mean authentically knowing, more of the truth of who I am is amazing.   That anger that I was holding onto for so long and blaming the world for my problems and the problems that I saw of others, it dissipates and I realized that I stopped contributing to the echo of additional anger and lower vibrations.  I can feel the authenticity in myself, in others, in information and that is an amazing feeling, as I don't have to be a victim of the dark echo that I created in past incarnations and now can continue to heal this illusion for myself and for other selves who are ready to be sovereign.  

I leave you Brothers and Sisters of Source in Love and Light. 


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Discovery of What I Authentically Like Out Of Life

How do you know what you currently like is really what you like?  This was a question I very much started to embrace for myself a few years ago.   I had asked myself this question many times during the course of my life, but I had not taken it as far as I could have each time.  

In college, I was seeing a therapist and one of the many conversations we had that has stuck with me was I told her I just wanted to be normal and she asked me to tell her what normal is and where did I learn it from?  As I answered the question, the answers were all external, there was no inner reflection from me, just what external influences had taught or programmed me to believe was normal and what I should like.

Some things I thought of while thinking and feeling through where I had learned who I wanted to be, as normal and what I should like: 

Your parents tell you what you should like.  

TV tells you what you should like. 

Social media tells you what you should like. 

School tells you what you should like.  

Friends told by the same sources, tell you what you should like. 

The laws tell you what you should like. 

External people and influences tell you what you should like.  

Wow, these are where I was getting my influences.   None of which was me.  I found that time with myself, meditation, going inward.  Asking why?  Asking, who am I?  Asking for divine inspiration and direction.  Divinity being ones Higher Self.   The self of you, that sees all.  

Some things I learned in this experience : 

You’ve forgotten who you are and you also have free will.  You have to seek who you are and give permission for your Higher Self to assist and guide you.  You have to ask for authenticity in your life. 

When we know who we are authentically, we can manifest whatever we desire.  When we are authentic and we are coming from our true place of knowing, our true place of who we are, then our power is available.  This knowing is balance.  Because with great power, comes great responsibility.  

Taking this deeper:

Because many of us have been manifesting desires, but not necessarily our own desires, rather desires from external influence.   These external influences use us to manifest what they want, by influencing us through external influences like social media, laws, schools, society norms, religion, race, wars, etc.   We have the power to break the chain which is dragging us into these external influencers influence and use of our manifestation, by discovering who we authentically are.    

When we allow ourselves to explore who we are, by questioning who we are and putting aside external influences, we eventually come to a Blissful feeling of sovereignty.  We also feel more of ‘all that is’ inside of us and around us.   We feel more connected.   With this we are also able to feel and see what we are manifesting and evaluate if we are manifesting for what we authentically want or if we are manifesting for an outside influences.    

When authentic desire is matched with law of attraction then the manifestation is mirrored with happiness and bliss.   

When the law of attraction is mudded with social programming and desire of an influencer, then happiness and bliss is always something in the distance.  When I have this, then I’ll be happy.  Then you get it and you’re not happy, so you find something else to manifest for happiness and you’re still not happy.  Then you believe you need more more more and then you’ll be happy, eventually realizing that these manifestations are not making you happy.   Or the manifestations don’t come because you are not authentic in what you’re asking for.  You cannot trick or fool you’re higher self.  The ask must be authentic in order to manifest.  And then the happiness and bliss comes if the authentic is mirrored with love for self in the asking.

Written By: Gage Gorman

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