Understanding Sexual Energy

Sexual Intercourse Energies

Introduction to Understanding Sexual Energies

Welcome to the journey to better understand sexual energy, how sex can help us and how sex can be not helpful and can actually be harmful. We will start by exploring some truths about sexual energy and the energy exchanged. We will then, explore how we can heal from any unwanted energies we’ve picked up before and we’ll finish with empowerment and understanding of how we can keep a high vibration and not be lulled into unwanted sexual encounters.

Exploring Some Truths About Sexual Energy

When we engage in sexual intercourse, we are opening our soul energy, our core energy, up to the person we are engaging with in sexual intercourse. We mix and we merge with the person and all their entities when we are engaging in sex. The sexual build, builds energy and thus that building of energy creates more energy, for which this energy can create a call for new life (a female getting pregnant) or the energy can be harvested inside the body and used for increased power (this happens both dark and light) and this energy can be consumed by entities.

When one orgasms, it feels good, it also releases the energy through the body and out of the body. If the sexual engagement is loving and authentic, the energy is nurtured and expanded in a loving way of euphoria. Any external entities wanting to partake in the orgasm energies will not be able to partake, if the orgasm was had in authentic love. Because of the high vibration of love, each person will feel the euphoria from the love for a good amount of time following and they are soaking in the raised level of vibration. This can also be healing, with the raised vibration.

When the orgasm is had with someone for which there is not authentic love, the orgasm may still feel good, though could follow with a lack of self worth feeling, a low vibrational energy. This happens because the orgasm energies are consumed by other lower vibrational entities. The orgasm itself depletes the body/vessel/avatar and there is no replenishment to the body after the orgasm is had, because the release of built up energy is given away to other entities. Because the body builds up a great deal of energy for the orgasm the body is expecting the orgasm’s energy to be ingested back into ones own field and with the other souls field for which the two is engaging in sexual intercourse. When the body does not get this energy, it is weakened and vulnerable to lower vibrational influence.

When engaging in sexual intercourse and we don’t orgasm, we are still sharing our energies and everything that comes with our energies with another person. Everything we’ve ever had occur with our energies and stored in our energetic field becomes part of the other person energetic field too. This is also true for anything the other person we are engaging in sexual intercourse with, has stored in their energetic field, it will be shared with us. We completely open ourselves up to receive and give freely with anyone we engage in sexual intercourse. This also holds true for anyone you’ve ever had sex with and they have ever had sex with is also sharing in all these energies.

Sexual energies can be used to cast spells (magic) and alter any directed attention of energies in most any way. This means people can cast spells with sexual energy. I would recommend being careful if anyone does decide to play with magic. Magic can be fun and exploratory and light and magic can be dark, dangerous and binding. Magic is a huge topic for which we highly recommend exploring deeply and asking your Higher Self to assist you while exploring magic. I would not recommend playing with magic lightly and should be taken seriously and in a high vibration of love.

Healing from Unwanted Energies from Past Sexual Encounters

Sexual Intercourse Energies 1

If you are someone who has ever had a sexual encounter with another someone or entity and that sexual encounter may not have been in the authentic love vibration and you feel you’d like to clear up any stagnant, unwanted and/or lower vibrational energies (entities); know we can do so.

A thing to keep in mind with this, is that now that you know this information, this is not like Catholic confession, where you can do something that you know is not great for you and then repent for it afterwards or do this process below and clear it or transcend it (it being the unwanted energies from the sexual encounter). If we engage in something, knowing the energies and what they are, we are less powerful to change that authentically later. The more we know about something and how it works, the more we give it power and if we continue to engage in that something knowingly, then we give it more power. What I mean here, is if you think you can go out and have lots of sexual encounters and then work to resolve and cut cords, and this is in your intention when going out and having not authentic love sexual encounters, the clear and ceremony here, may not work, that would be different work with much more depth. The reason why is may not work, is because the authenticity is not present from the start, it is not authentic to go and have inauthentic sexual encounters, while understanding that authenticity is necessary to be in love vibrations.

Ceremony (Repeat this ceremony): I ‘insert your name’ invoke my Higher Self here and now. I am grateful to connect in this ceremony here and now. I love myself. I love this experience. I love this now. I am in loving vibration. I am love. I am light. I invoke that which serves my highest purpose. I connect with all energies from sexual encounters that in love and light. I connect here and now. I connect to all energies from the sexual encounter which do not serve my highest purpose in the easiest and most benevolent way for me in this time, space and reality. In this connection now I ask for any and all lessons that are for me. I ask to receive my lessons in the smoothest way for me to transcend to high vibrations of love. I release back to the original owner of energies which are not mine. I release back to the galactic central star of creation any energies not willing to transcend to light and love right in my vibration, which do not belong here. I command these energies that are not for me to be gone now, to the galactic central star in love. I am thankful for this assistance to recognize this past lesson with sexual encounters and I am committed to engaging in sexual encounters going forward that are entered into with love and light authentically. With much Gratitude, thank you.
— Gage Gorman

If we find we have slipped into a sexual encounter we were carried away with after knowing the energies, if we are authentic, which only you will know that at your deepest levels, you should be able to use this ceremony, or something similar to assist in transcending, returning or sending to the galactic central star, these energies (entities).

You can also visualize cords between you and the other person and you can visualize cutting those cords and just before cutting those cords, you can visualize all energies from the sexual exchanging that were shared, to be returned to the original owner fo those energies and do so with loving intentions. Doing so with loving intentions is most important. If, for example, you were rapped or you are hurt by the person you engaged in sexual intercourse with, maybe you were in love and they deceived you, you must get into forgiveness and love them and yourself and the experience and work to return energies, transcend energies, cast out energies to the galactic central start and cut the cord in all of that love energy. Being in the love vibration when doing this is important because love vibration is where you get to have access to your power. You ceremony of invocation above and your visualization of cord cutting and sending back original energies to original owners, is going to be more powerful with the more authentic love you hold all around.

How to Keep The Vibration High and Not be Lulled into Unwanted Sexual Encounters

Being in a high vibrational state is key. How to be in a high vibrational state is through breath, loving yourself, and awareness. You can use essential oils to help with awareness, breath and love if you’re looking for guidance with that. Being able to feel through the sexual encounters potential mate and ensure it feels authentic, warm and loving. Feel through this engagement and feel if it feels loving and authentic.

Sexual Intercourse Energies 2


When we masturbate we build energy in our body. This energy builds more and more as we continue to be engaged in the contact of sexualizing ourselves, this energy that we are building, takes its original starting energy from our body. When we engage in love making with another lovely soul, we build upon this energy and make it higher and more, when we masturbate we do not have the same magnitude of building the energy, which we do when we are in engaging in loving exchange with another lovely soul. Though, if we engage in a loving self love (masturbation), we can balance the energies created and balance our energies from the experience, though it takes loving oneself authentically. When we build into an ejaculation, we build from our own energy, increase that energy taken, and the expectation is to get this original energy plus more in return.

When we ejaculate without authentic love, we keep none-to-little of the ejaculated energy for ourselves, we release that energy out into the air and thus deplete our body of core energies and entities will most often come and consume this energy quickly.

When we ejaculate with authentic love, we are most often able to keep a balanced energy amount, as long as we are not depleting our body too much; meaning you’re not masturbating too much for your body. We can most often consume enough of the energy external sent, to balance what amount of energy was originally used to start the making of the new energy.

Another technique for receiving more of your ejaculated energy is to suck the air with your mouth and envision the sexual energy, from your penis or vagina part of your body, flowing in the air and back into you through your mouth. As we are conscious creators of energy and we can more easily see and move energy when we are in our awareness of self love.


When we engage in loving sexual intercourse with another, we are building these energies together, sharing in these energies and then allowing the expansion of energy to rise. This is a beautiful experience, when we are present, authentic and loving.

~ With Much Love ~


If you’d like to take this story deeper you may click here. This will cover some of the darker connections.

Seeing Through the Lies and Claiming Our Sovereignty

Seeing Through the Lies and Claiming Our Sovereignty

Many believe on this planet they are sovereign beings, free, can make their own decisions.  Now, I could go on for paragraphs of how that is not true, to the claiming of souls with birth certificates and the religious claiming of souls with baptisms to the vaccines mandates (which are poison), to taxes (which are theft), school (which is indoctrination); which all of these are required by human government law.  

Much of the system aka society is a control matrix.   This control matrix exists and was controlled by dark beings who persuaded light body humans to choose darkness and serve these dark beings.   

Many humans are heavily programmed, yes programmed and if your Ego is flaring up saying not you, then most definitely you!  I was programmed and I am still working through breaking through and seeing through deep layers of the control matrix program.   This programming goes deep, we’ve been getting programmed for thousands, yes your read that correctly, thousands of years.  Any human who does not recognize they are programmed and are question everything in existence, is so programmed and indoctrinated into the control matrix system, it’s difficult to see through the illusion.

One could toss this read aside as an esoteric writing of some symbolic spiritual far reaching rhetoric for debate and never really pay this read much mind, and that’s exactly how humans are programmed to respond to anything that goes against the control matrix.  

McCloud Lower Falls

When a human decides of the humans own free will, that they are ready to be sovereign and free, then all one has to do is ask!  It’s that easy to get to started. 


Higher Self, I am ready for your guidance and light to assist me to be my authentic self (Self).   I am ready to break free from soul contracts my Higher Self did not agree too.  I am ready to see clearly and unlearn the lies and learn a new of my authentic self and who I am, where I am from and why I am here.  

Humans are amazing and powerful beings of love and light.   Humans have an incredible amount of creative ability, joyous ability and loving ability.  These abilities have been highjacked and are, for most of this planet, being controlled by others who have more know how and knowledge them most.   

The amazing part to this, is those dark beings and deceived humans who serve them will only ever have access to 10 % of the knowledge, know how, and power that a human being in love and light and sovereignty has access to.  Right now most humans only have access to 0.0000001% of their knowledge, know how and power and 99% of that is stolen from humans without their conscious awareness.  


Humanity is ascending, right now, which means humanity is becoming more aware of this process, humanities bodies are upgrading, humanity souls are becoming more aware of the subtle energies, which went unnoticed before.  This is a magnificent process to be alive for, in all of the universe and existence, this is the first time an ascension from this density of darkness to the crystalline energies of light has occurred.   This is a reason why the planet is so heavily populated, many souls are eager to be here in this transformational energy. 

Welcome to the new energies.  Congratulations on being a fractal of Source conscious energy to experience this process.  I hope you’re paying attention and consciously enjoying this ride through time and space.  I know this journey can seem like torture at times, that is us letting go of the old darkness and sometimes, because darkness has been all we’ve known, it is scary to trust the new unknown.  This is why connecting with our authentic self is important through this process and in life in general.   

May the magnificent loving being of who you truly are, be your light through the darkness, to the unveiling of authenticity. 

Love and Light Gage 

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Remember Who You Are

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How The Truth Will Set You Free & Why It Starts With Your Personal Journey

Written By: Gage Gorman

The reason one must go inward in order for the world we live in to be more loving is because we must know the truth in order to heal.  We cannot know the truth until we can handle the truth. What has been done to humanity will make many so angry and that will create more darkness.   So we wait until more of humanity is in a place to be able to love unconditionally and have compassion and forgive.  Then, more truth can be handled and cleared and then the world can be more joyous and blissful.  

This is why focusing on ones own demons, darkness, shadow self, negativity, or whatever you want to call it, is what is asked of you by You.

You knew when you came to earth during this incarnation and others that you would take on darkness when you incarnated (were born) and you may have brought some with you from past incarnations here, for which you committed to in soul contracts.  (Commits you made through spoken words).   

Go inward.  Be brave and face up to all you’ve done which you’re ashamed of.  Face up to all your judgement of others, all judgement of others is really a mirror upon which you don’t want to face of your own inner darkness so you project it on another or attract it from another.   When you face yourself, remember to be gentle and continue to ask your Higher Self for guidance.  Love yourself.  Have compassion for yourself and forgive yourself.    This is the hard for many to do.  Be strong, because you are strong.  Be brave, because you are brave.  You are love and you are light.  It’s who you are. 

When you’re done, you’ll receive more truth about your world.  You’ll apply the love, compassion and forgiveness to these revelations of old energy truths.  You’ll have set backs, have compassion with yourself and forgive yourself and love yourself during and after these set backs.   Then, more revelations will occur and you’ll be able to see and feel these revelations and heal them.   This is how the world is going to be a more loving, a more blissful and a more abundant experience for all souls.  You’re almost there.  

Love and Light ~ Gage

Additional Read:

This is a process. In short it is to see it, recognize it, love it, have compassion for it, forgive it, heal it, heal from it, and expanding from it. It is the cabal in this example.

When we take our study of existence to higher dimensions, we are all one. We are all fractals of the same source energy. What is time? We are each experiencing many different incarnations, in many different times, most of us have been here on this planet, thousands of life times. Are you aware of the awful dark things you have done in past incarnations or even in this incarnation? I'll repeat that, are you aware, of the dark things you have done, are you aware of the darkness and evil which you created (I did too). How do you think darkness got here? We are all connected, we are all part of the same source. How do we know darkness without it's experience? How do we know compassion unless we created something to have compassion for? As long as we hold onto wanting "justice" and "revenge" and anger, hatred, etc... then we will continue to have these things in the world.

This doesn't mean we need to ignore what is going on, actually just the opposite, we need to see it, so we can heal it and transform it.

We are amazingly strong beings of love and light. We easily forget this as we are manipulated and distracted to forget it.

As long as you hold the need for justice or revenge, then you will be adding to the darkness on this planet, as you're in lower vibration when you hold this energy, there is no exception, as dark and evil and as just as you think you are, all your thinking and justice, comes from where? Or the programming and brainwashing from the Cabal and their masters and they have us in such a loop of negativity. Higher vibrations heal and create the planet we want and lower vibrations create the feeding ground and planet they want. I rarely say something is black and white, that's pretty close to black and white.

Love Wins

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A Heartful Disclosure and Guidance for Sovereignty

Dearest Soul Family,

Mount Shasta, California United States

I (Gage) share this information, you're about to read, because I love you, I love Gaia (Earth), I love our experience and I believe we all deserve to know the truth and be free sovereign beings.   The Truth Will Set You Free, means just that.  Know the truth, love yourself and others, have compassion for yourself and others and forgive ALL, yes all.  Then, let go of all that you're holding on to from the past, let it be the past, there is no need to hold onto the past.  Move forward with your authentic desire, which it is hard to know what you or I authentically desires while we are being manipulated, brainwashed and tricked constantly by those who we thought had our best interest at heart.  This is why I share these truths.   I do not want anything from you, I want nothing in exchange from you.  Just love yourself and be authentic to yourself.   I do offer one on one private sessions, though I only offer these for those who want-need assistance with their awakening and authenticity of themselves, this journey can be done using your own inner guidance system and there is no requirement that someone else is needed or that a private one on one session is needed.   If a private one on one session or group session is wanted-needed, reach out and we can discuss; an exchange is welcomed and appreciated but is not required, if you are authentic in your journey and cannot exchange that is okay, as my time with you is given with no expectation of a return, other than that you are authentic in your journey of self.  A link to read about me and how I work is at the bottom of this article.

The world is a beautiful place, but it can (was) also be filled with terrible pain and suffering. Most people put this down to 'human nature'. The truth is, almost all of us just want to live peaceful, loving and abundant lives. It is important for everyone to realize that most of the evil that goes on in the world is by design. The world is run by several gangs of psychopaths who believe they are gods, and the rest of humanity is destined to be their slaves. They have access to advance technology and work with extraterrestrial races, an alliance called the Annunaki, who have manipulated our DNA to be imperfect, by design. Though a fact I have learned and we all know is that love can overcome anything. Love is very powerful. We humans are very powerful, though we have to remember who we are to have any claim to our power.

I am writing this because for most of my life, I have seen and felt things most others do not and out of fear of being different or not accepted I kept quiet about what I saw or felt. I have researched and connected the dots which link all the biggest questions in life. Who are we? Where did we come from? Why are we here? etc... I do not claim to know all the answers, but one thing is for certain, things are never as they seem. I’ve also learned that absolutes rarely serve us, though ‘never’ was a carefully chosen word in the last sentence.

We are currently living in turbulent times, and it is of utmost importance for everyone to have the opportunity to see the big picture for themselves. I understand that the majority of the public is too preoccupied with their personal lives to take the time to look into this, and many simply aren't ready to take it in. Some of you may think I'm a crazy conspiracy nut, but that's fine, because I will at least have the peace of mind that I did my part in sharing these truths with the ones I love. Whether you accept or reject this information is entirely your choice.

There is so much that is hidden from us, the public. We are constantly being lied to by the media, and the ones we call 'leaders'. They craft stories to make us afraid and turn on each other. They divide through borders, religions, races, sexual orientations, and every other possible way they can think of. They make us hate each other, in order to control us and keep this simple truth hidden from us. We are all human. We all feel love and pain. Divided, we are weak, but together, we are strong.

We are at a crucial point in history. Most of you don't know this, but WW3 has already begun behind closed doors. In the coming months and years, you will see more and more celebrities and high ranking politicians be arrested for atrocious crimes. We have already begun to see human trafficking and pedophile rings getting busted. We will see more and more of this and you will be shocked to learn that it isn't creepy weirdos on the dark web that are behind it, but the highest officials of governments, the Hollywood and music industries, and of course, the Catholic church.

But this is only one of the many issues which will come to light in the next few years...

The story of humanity is much, much older than what is written in our textbooks. We have been visited and assisted by extra-terrestrial civilizations since the dawn of time. Our governments have also worked with such civilizations since before WW2. Trillions of dollars have been stolen from the public and poured into secret programs to develop technology far beyond what is available to us today. We already have free energy technology which could provide power to the entire world without harming the environment. We already have space technology that enables us to travel beyond our solar system. But these amazing technologies are being used for selfish purposes.

Modern healthcare is a big joke. We already have cures for every single disease that exists, but healthy people don't make good slaves, so they fill us with pills and harmful treatments. They keep us docile and numb, while we keep paying for these treatments because we feel like we have no other options.

Our food is poisoned with pesticides and insecticides. Steroids and other chemicals. These make us sick, and force us to pay money to see a doctor which will give you drugs to ease the symptoms, rather than giving you the necessary knowledge to prevent you from getting sick in the first place. Our water is also poisoned with chemicals such as fluoride, which dumb us down, and they convince you that it's good for your teeth.

The war on drugs is a joke. The CIA and other government organizations are in direct collaboration with drug cartels. They keep people addicted and keep making money. The CIA has started to be neutralized.

Vaccines are filled with heavy metals and other chemicals which have been proven to cause long term health issues such as autism and allergies. The truth is they are not meant to prevent us from getting sick. It's just another method used to control us from the moment we are born. Literally dozens of doctors who have proven this have mysteriously disappeared or 'committed suicide'.

I'm sure most of you know that we are constantly being recorded and monitored by 'security agencies'. Not only is this a breach of privacy, but is also used for censorship purposes on social media platforms such as Youtube. Videos exposing such topics are often deleted, or demonetized so that the producer cannot make any revenue from them.

The last issue I'll mention is 'terrorist attacks'. Almost all of these events are what we call 'False flags'. That means an attack or other event which is designed to manufacture a very specific public response and create a valid excuse for an extreme political move. Most famous of all was 9/11. Designed to give an excuse for the U.S. government to go into the middle east and gain control of a region which was trying to gain independence from the petrodollar. The Las Vegas shooting. This story is just full of holes as soon as stop listening to what the news tells you and so your own research.

If you read this whole article, thank you for taking the time. But I know what many of you are thinking. PROVE IT. Well, I'm not here to prove anything. I want to open these ideas up to you to give you some perspective on what our world truly looks like at the moment.  You can go on YouTube, read articles on this page and ask your Higher Self to guide you through these truths.

The Annunaki Heirarchy of Control

"But how is this useful on a personal level? It doesn't affect my life." you may think. It really does. You just can't see it because you've been brainwashed into thinking that humans are flawed, greedy and power hungry creatures and that's just the way it is. But the truth is completely the opposite. We are beings of love. We are spiritual entities who are all connected on a fundamental level. Though we may seem separate from each other. WE ARE ONE.

My friends and family. People that whom I care about so deeply, a revolution is here, now. A Geo-political, economical, spiritual revolution which is changing everything we think we know, and the reason I have written this article is because I want you to be aware of it. No one can truly be ready for what is here now and what is coming, but at least having some idea of what is happening will help.

When we discover who we authentically are, we free ourselves from living someone else’s life. We each choose to come to planet earth full well knowing everything that is occurring here and we eagerly came, why? We came to heal ourselves and this planet through holding love in our hearts, no matter how dark or dire the thing we are encountering or facing.

Love and Light to us all


The Truth Will Set You Free

An Excellent article, which I believe covers a lot and is politically non-biased:

As Treasonous Bush-Clinton-Obama Pedo Cabal Dynasty Gets Exposed, Desperate Elite Steps Up War against Humanity

Reminder: Those who do evil, know not what they do or they would not do it. Humans should be removed from positions of power who abuse power. With great power comes great responsibility. Those who do evil and those who have evil done to them, both need love, compassion and forgiveness.  Our collective humanity evolves when we individually evolve. Go inside and love, heal, have compassion and forgive.

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