Facing Your Shadow Self

Written By: Gage Gorman

The solution to our problems is not in corporations or government, as they are putting all they can in our face to stir our problems. We are creators of this world, government and corporations and religion are getting us to create for them.

If you are truly blissful in your life, then you get it and have cleared your low vibrational darkness. If you are anything but blissful, then you have low vibrational darkness to clear from within you. This is an inside job, meaning you must go and face your shadow self. The external world is going to continue to poke at you and add fuel to desires which will "never" bring you bliss or happiness, you will never find happiness in the external, there will always be the next thing, bigger thing, better thing and the "next" will "never" lead to bliss and happiness in your life. Going inside and facing your fears and facing yourself (s) and loving yourself the whole way, having compassion with yourself the whole way and forgiving yourself the whole way, forgiving yourself when you realize you have done awful things to yourself and to others. And loving yourself for all the amazing things you have done for yourself and others.

This journey is amazing, this journey is liberating, this journey is a challenge, this journey is the hardest thing you'll ever do. You are supported, you are loved, you are amazing and you can do this. You came here, to this planet, knowing you'd have to do this and you came here eagerly and willingly, because you are strong, because you are so much stronger than you've ever been told, you're so much stronger than you've ever believed yourself. You just have been manipulated by those who know not what they do, and they know not what they do because they were manipulated too. The darkness has had a hold on you and our planet for a long time. It's time to love the darkness, transform the darkness to light and let it go. 

When you face your shadow self, your Ego is going to fight you, your Ego is going to defend the low vibrational energies and the darkness, your Ego is out of balance. Your Ego has been hijacked by the darkness. This is why this journey will be the hardest thing you'll ever do, because you will have to break down who you are to the smallest piece until there is nothing left, trusting the whole time that the light is guiding you. Once you've reached the point of deflating the Ego, balance will restore the the Ego center and harmony will enter inside of you. You will see things you've never seen before.

Additional details for facing our shadow self, start by asking your Higher Self to guide you through the process.   You say, "I am ready to awakening to the real world, I am ready to awaken to the real me, show me my path to my authentic self." You'll start to receiving thoughts and feelings.   You'll start to question everything, this is encouraged.   Notice how you "feel."   Feeling is your guidance system, our mind is not our guidance system, that's part of the manipulation.   You need to feel things out.   You will have to admit to yourselves that you've been wrong;  the Ego will not want to admit it has been wrong.   You're going to have to realize that good messengers and messages have been manipulated by taking some of the good and twisting into dark, with not providing the whole truth or adding a small untruth to it, to manipulate you.  You'll need to have compassion for yourself for being misled.  You'll need love for yourself through this whole process.  

You will see for the first time, this is why it's called an awakening, you will wake up from that dream state of low vibrational darkness. The journey will continue, because now you get to discover who you really are, you get to start learning for real, you get access to the endless, yes "endless" knowledge of the universe, (thus you will never know it all and you will not be "awakened" rather you will still be awakening).  I'll note too, the lower vibrational energies that feed the shadow self may be transformed into light and thus allow for seeing the world in this clearer vision, with distortions and illusions removed, this improvement continues to occur and there can be set backs along the way too, know this is normal and the process is unique to each person.  This is unique to each person, because we have free will to decide how we take each step and whether we want to take each step towards sovereignty.   It may seem overwhelming at times, though trust that it does get easier.   Like taking on a new job, or sport, or activity, it's challenging at first because it's new, though once you get the hang of it, it's much easier.   The new job, sport or activity could get rusty if practice is not continued, this is the same with transforming lower vibrational energies to light and facing the shadow self and establishing acknowledged awareness of self.   

Awakening will continue to open up to how much you can handle at a time.  The deception is at "every" aspect of the world, though this may not make sense now or for the part of the awakening you are in.   It's important to hold onto love through this process, I am aware I am repeating this a lot in this article, it's on purpose.  Many lose themselves in despair, depression, sadness and other low vibrational feelings as they face their shadow self and the only way to overcome the shadow self and come out as a sovereign being in authenticity of who you are is to stay strong in the vibration of love.   Remember to be gentle with yourself, and forgiving of yourself.   Also know there may be many around you who will not understand what you are going through, love them, do not just them, but also do not feel you need to justify yourself to them.  The shadow self in them is going to see your confrontation with your shadow self and their shadow self is going to try and manipulate you back into giving your control to your Ego and shadow self.   

You will also still walk among a world of many other souls who are still asleep, love them deeply. As when you go through this process you will understand and have compassion for how strong one must be to endure this process. That's why we want to love our fellow human souls and give them strength, as this awakening is happening to everyone sooner or later, as the new earth, which we all live on now, does not support lower vibrational energy, this is why the world appears to be in chaos, the old lower vibrational energy is ceasing to exist. Thus, love, unity, compassion, forgiveness, laughter, love and love and more love is what's going to help with this transition. When you find yourself judging others, forgive yourself, love yourself and then consciously send love to the person you were judging and love them a little more. 

There are many support groups on social media.  Find one that works well for you.  See Our Favorites page for groups, movies, TV shows, Books, etc to all aide you in your process.  

One evening a grandfather old his grandson about a battle that goes on inside people.

He said, “My son, the battle is between two wolves inside us all.

“One is Evil – It is anger, envy, jealousy, sorrow, regret, greed, arrogance, self-pity, guilt, resentment, inferiority.

“The other is Good – It is joy, peace, love, hope, serenity, humility, kindness, benevolence, empathy, generosity, truth, compassion and faith.”

The grandson thought about it for a minute and then asked his grandfather: “Which wolf wins?”

The grandfather simply replied, “The one you feed”
— Unknown

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