To be Free from Fear, Hate, Depression, or Anxiety

Channeled and Written By: Gage Gorman

To be free from Fear, Hate, Depression, or Anxiety.

First, become aware that this "system" is "Designed" to keep you that way. We have free will and can choose to Rise Up!
By Rising Up, this does not mean go out and physically Rise Up. This means, go Inside of YOURSELF, Love yourself - "authentically" love yourself - and yes, loving ourselves is a challenge as we are programmed and brainwashed in many places to feel unworthy of love and many have forgotten the vibration of love. This is the rising up. Rise up and claim your power as a sovereign being of love and light. You are Love, You are Compassion, You are forgiveness. Love yourself and others. Have compassion for yourself and others and Forgive! yourself and Others. We are the ones holding onto grudges and thus we are the ones manifesting the past and repeating the past because we are holding onto the past, forgive, let go, and focus on the love for yourself, know that you are connected to all that is and all that ever was and all that ever will be, you are infinite, you are a fractal of Source energy. Energy never dies, energy transforms. Rise up inside of yourself and claim your power, "I am Love" "I am worthy" I am compassion" I am forgiving" "I am wise" "I AM"

We are here, right now in this time and space, to heal, ourselves and the collective grid. In addition, to create, to manifest in this dimension, we are the creators and manifestors, this is why "they" want to control us. Here on earth we have powerful abilities to manifest whatever we desire, just have to learn how and break free from imprisonment of creating what other's desire and manipulate us to create on their behalf. Other beings with advance technology also know what we are capable of, so they have created an illusion and get us to manifest what they want by manipulating us into creating for them, they are also dark, low vibrational beings, thus the low vibrational world we have lived in for a long time, which is changing now. When we are aware of our abilities; that this experience here on Earth, is one of creation, expansion, healing, play, blissfulness, happiness and fun. That's why we come here and we come here in this darkness now, because we know how much greater this can be, also why the earth is heavily populated at this time, is to assist in this transition we are experience right now. This transition is not in the coming years or the future, it is now. When you authentically love yourself, you will experience the transition with all your senses and the fear, hate, depression, anxiety or any other lower vibrational feeling will impact you less and less and eventually not at all. 
Love and Light
- Gage

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