Ceremony to Clear and Protect

Requires Audio and Best Experience is Full Screen

Say this part looking into your eyes or envision you're looking into your eye.

With each breath I connect

to the causal ocean of potential

that is the constant of life eternal.

With each breath I connect

to the elemental alchemy

of the natural world

as my living creed.


Then, say all that follows into the 3rd eye.


With each breath I recalibrate

with my Soul’s covenant with light,

the vow between spirit and matter

That maintains my sentient sovereignty.

As a fractal aspect of primordial awareness

that has manifested as my incarnate presence

birthed in order to calibrate

with the Source Code of light

I affirm my sentient sovereignty.

With each breath I liberate

my psycho-sensory identity

from all forms of external interference

that attempt to influence

my quintessential self.

I renounce, denounce and expel from my field

any interference from all forms

of external agendas and energetic influences

that interfere with my covenant

with the love and truth

encrypted in every ray of light

and my identity as a sovereign,

sensory instrument,

able to give and receive love in all that I do.


Written By: Juliet Carter

Provided By: The Template Organization

Narrated By: Gage Gorman

Prepared By: Gage Gorman

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