Self Awareness & Unconditional Perfection

Written By: Casey Gervig

This year is the year I will strive to see unconditional perfection, and to be unconditionally perfect.  The term unconditional love is one that seems to have a bit of a negative angle to it, does it not?

Love unconditionally, first thing that pops into my head is, that asshole that cuts you off, you love them unconditionally, the puppy who poops in your living room, or the teenager who hates everything...

For me, when I think of unconditional perfection it is the beautiful symmetry of a pine cone, or a flower, or a honey bee.  No two will ever be the same yet they are each perfect and beautiful.

I strive to allow myself to see the absolute perfection in every emotion I feel.

When something is perfect that means you wouldn't change a thing…and that is a beautiful thought.  Isn't everything perfect?  Regrets from things that have passed, only serve to refine what we want to create in the future.

We have a great deal of influence over the things which we create, and when we come across something that stirs an emotion of a lower vibration, that in itself is the perfection of our own creation.  We have come across something we have needed clarification on, and now we are aware, we have power to create around or anew.  I strive to look at these instances as important self awareness opportunities

Everybody is perfect, what if we changed the old saying "nobody is perfect" to EVERYONE is perfect!  Does it not achieve the same result, without the negative doom of not living up to some expectation?

We have been programmed.  No ifs, ands, or buts about it…I have found for myself, it to be VERY freeing to understand the nature of my inner dialogue as being a result, of a societal induced self bashing program.  This is programmed in to us in order to make us feel like the only way we can deserve things, is to sacrifice our lives to serve a job, build a career, support a family, make something of yourself etc, etc…. Reality is what you make it, and for myself, that was a reality I could no longer support.

We must love ourselves, unconditionally.  Even when I say that, negative things will pop in from time to time.  This is our perfection.  I strive to see the perfection in everything unconditionally.

Loving yourself means taking time to discover who you really are, this is tough to do if you have many things on your plate.  One thing that helped me is to reduce the number of responsibilities you have…make way for the suppressed you to come out and become aware of the old patterns that may suck you back in to becoming the suppressed you again.  I cannot tell you what will work for you, but one thing I know for sure is that if you're feeling angry, depressed, tired, frightened, suppressed, trapped, etc.. You will only attract more things to feel that way about.  It doesn't matter how much money you make, or how many new toys you can buy, or how much time you can spend at the racetrack in your Porsche (Yes I said it!). The root of the issue lies within yourself.  Within the issue though, you'll find the solution.  The awareness of various bits of data, which trigger various operations, which eventually steer you down different paths is of great value to your personal evolution.  Do not fear the negativity of the past, as I did for some time.  I was actually blocking the solution of my self love issue because of another program I had been running:  the "I can handle anything" program, which works in conjunction with the "I always have to be happy and make everything seem like it is OK program". Take time for yourself, boldly go where you've not allowed yourself to go.  Feel the feelings you've not allowed yourself to feel.  Feel the release of tensions stored in the body for lifetimes.  Step out into the world with confidence knowing who you really are, and what you really have come to this time and space to accomplish.  There is no better time than right now.

It doesn’t have to be a HUGE undertaking.  Here is a simple exercise which can get you in the swing of self realization:

  1. Grab a notebook…Remember something or a situation that you have found yourself in recently which made you feel an unpleasant emotion, or a happy emotion. (knowing the things that work are equally as important as knowing what doesn't)

  2. Set the stage, name all the characters and their parts.  Include things like "it was the stupid look they gave me" or "I am so fucking sick of…" or more importantly "every time I do this…"  Taking note of how you feel about each character may also be of value to your process.

  3. Replay any things that may have been going on in your energetic field which you can remember, how did you feel going in, and how did you feel during, and how did I feel after?  How did I react?  Name the emotions, and give them extra definitions if necessary ie: FUCKING ANNOYED, floating on air,  etc.  Feel these feelings in your body when you write them.  Having this emotional awareness during real life memories can be a powerful tool to help you manage, and in the future become aware of your emotions on the fly.

  4. Define your part in the situation based upon your emotional response, and the emotions you brought to the situation and the emotions you carried when you left, or after the interaction was over.

  5. Now…make peace with yourself, and the others, thanking them for allowing you to become aware of something that you had not taken the time to dissect before.  In this step I usually visualize meeting back up with the parties involved giving hugs and sharing love.

  6. Name this program or pattern, and thank your higher self for its continual dedication to assisting you through this self discovery process.

  7. At this point you should feel awesome, if you don't you may be feeling that you "owe" an apology or something…well name that the owe an apology program HAHA!  Here's the deal, you want to cut through that self bashing portion of the process.  What you will want to realize is that you love the person (eventually you will get to a place that you LOVE everyone…) and your intention was never to hurt the person.  So apologize with the intention of sharing a brotherly love, in favor of apologizing because you're the scum of the earth and you feel terrible.  Feeling the difference there.  All the beings of this planet and of other worlds are our brothers and sisters, we've all come together in this great healing process known as life, and we are all equally powerful creators.  When we share this loving energy with each other, we not only heal ourselves and each other, we heal our planet.

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